COSYWO - Trusted Name Since   1960

COSYWO is well accepted leading name for manufacturing of Different model of Industrial High Speed Stirrer, Tank Mounted Stirrer, Hollow Shaft Stirrer, Agitator, Homoginiser, Disperser, S S Tank, SS/MS Tank with Slow Speed Stirrer, Lab Padding Mangle, Rubber/Ebonite/S S Roller, Rubber sleeve Expander, SS/MS jacketed kettle, Ball mill, Conical Blender, Online Bore Water Filter, SS Eye Pot, SS Revolving Eye Pot
COSYWO is established by Shrikant B Bhansali is Trained abroad in ICI Ltd Manchester England and Peder Mortensen a/s. of Denmark
COSYWO objective is known for perfect Job expertise quick service superior quality and fulfillment of its responsibilities to customers
COSYWO has vast experience in modifying/ modernising/ manufacturing custom built stirrers with guarantee for Performance Dependebility and Less breakdowns. No matter how small or large or complex your problem's are
COSYWO offer high quality which produce reliable and uniform results time after time year after year. Cosywo products writeups are published by Industrial Magazines

We thank all valued clients for their kind continued co-operation suggestions and feed backs